Tips for Proactive Warehouse Accident Prevention

Tips for Proactive Warehouse Accident Prevention

Our warehouse equipment is designed to optimize workplace safety, but there are still a number of risk factors that face your employees every day. Take a proactive approach and educate workers about situations that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Here’s a look at some of the more common workplace mishaps and how they can be prevented.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Most workplace accidents take the form of slips, trips or falls.

– Make sure that the warehouse aisles are free of obstructions.

– Promptly clean up spills of liquid or other loose materials.

– Instruct workers to constantly review their immediate area for any stationary or moving hazards.

– All elevated work areas should be protected by guardrails. Use safety harnesses whenever appropriate.


Fires can spread rapidly, so prevention is vital.

– Replace worn or damaged wires immediately.

– Handle all flammable materials with care.

– Maintain an adequate supply of fire extinguishers as mandated by regulations. Place them in easy-to-access locations.

– Ensure that all entrances and exits are clearly marked and kept free of obstacles.

Compression Accidents

Heavy objects such as machinery and loaded pallets can cause serious bodily harm.

– Employees should be made aware of areas where heavy objects are stored overhead.

– Stack all loads neatly to maintain balance. Avoid stacking items too high.

– Provide training for all warehouse equipment that includes moving parts.

– All employees on the work floor should keep a safe distance from forklifts, conveyor belts and other moving equipment.

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