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Beyond the Dumpster: Plastics Piling Up in Wake of China’s Global Recycling Changes

By July 24, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
Beyond the Dumpster: Plastics Piling Up in Wake of China’s Global Recycling Changes

Plastics Are Piling Up in Landfills

Businesses everywhere utilize dumpsters on a daily basis. The prompt removal of trash and other potential safety hazards is imperative for sustaining an inviting and exceptional professional setting. China has recently decided to disallow other countries, including the US, to send recyclables to China.

The addition of these new recycling changes could mean even more dumpster foot traffic will occur on site. With a notable uptick in dumpster usage in many companies’ foreseeable futures, durable quality dumpster movers will soon be a necessary addition to avoid excessive labor and safety concerns.

Taking out the Trash

China’s ban is affecting small and large businesses alike. You can’t always predict whether a change will be beneficial or costly to your business. But, a dumpster mover product that will always be a win-win solution for you doesn’t need to depend on ‘what-ifs’ to help you operate successfully. You can keep safety violations and injuries on-the-job to a bare minimum when you invest in products that protect your employees and your best interests.

If your business strives to recycle as much of your materials as possible, DJ products can minimize the effects this newest ban could have on your bottom line. Quality dumpster movers that can carry the weight of up to 5,000 pounds are heavy-duty helpers when you need to ease the burden from your hard-working employees’ shoulders. Battery operated machines help you forge ahead and better your chances at improving the work environment.

Going with the Flow

Do you need consistency in an industry that is fraught with unknowns? Let our DJ Products be your staying power. We understand that when changes happen a reliable source is needed to combat the uncertainty. Our products can be your calm in this newest storm.

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