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Six Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Clean

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Six Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Clean

Six Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Clean

No matter how advanced your warehouse equipment is, that’s only part of the equation for improved productivity. A clean warehouse makes work processes more efficient and reduces down time due to workplace injuries.

Here’s a helpful list of the top tips for keeping your warehouse neat and organized.

Set a Consistent Schedule

When you let laundry and dirty dishes pile up at home, you end up with monumental tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. The same is true with warehouse cleaning. Establish a schedule of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks based on importance to the work flow.

Empty Trash Bins Regularly

The trash room is a hot spot for injuries. Make sure bins are emptied before they become overloaded.

Establish a Clean-As-You-Go Policy

Don’t let employees get in the habit of putting off cleanup until “later,” which never comes. A task or project shouldn’t be considered finished until any mess is tidied up.

Assign Cleaning Zone Responsibilities

Does productivity slow down during shift changes, when oncoming workers have to clean up the mess left behind by the previous group? Give each employee a specific area to be maintained before clocking out every day.

Provide Cleaning Supplies

Employees shouldn’t have to waste valuable time hunting for brooms, paper towels or other supplies. Keep an adequate stock on hand and conveniently available.

Keep Inventory Turning

Outdated stock creates a cluttered appearance and makes warehouse cleaning unnecessarily difficult.

Simplify Warehouse Operations with Battery-Powered Warehouse Equipment

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