Powered Carts to Move Warehouse Stock

Powered Carts to Move Warehouse Stock

As e-commerce continues to change the way consumers shop, savvy customers are demanding immediate possession of their purchases just as they would have with brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers and fulfillment services are now in search of facilities and warehouse equipment to accommodate this need.

Most delivery services and third-party logistics providers can handle next-day delivery, but same-day delivery requires a different infrastructure. One real estate company in New York City believes it’s come up with a novel solution.

The Warehouse of the Future?

Innovo Property Group, in partnership with Square Mile Capital, plans to break ground next year on a two-story warehouse in the Bronx. The 700,000 square-foot facility is expected to be ready for tenants in 2020.

Andrew Chung, founder and CEO of Innovo, explains the factors that make the warehouse a game-changer.

– In order to provide expedited shipment, warehouses need to be as close as possible to customers. Unfortunately, urban areas generally have a scarcity of land and restrictive building regulations. Innovo’s warehouse is located in a “sweet spot” that offers access but avoids typical pitfalls of urban construction.

– The Bronx warehouse is designed with size in mind, from the high ceilings that will allow vertical storage racks up to 32 feet to floor loads that can handle capacity of up to 800 pounds.

– Thanks to 90 loading docks, a two-lane ramp and 130-foot truck courts on each floor, the warehouse will be one of only four facilities in the country with multistory direct loading.

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