Trends to Watch

Trends to Watch in Fulfillment and Logistics

As a leading supplier of semi trailer movers, we stay on top of news and trends that affect the warehouse and supply chain industry. Here are three current trends changing the role of fulfillment and logistics for e-commerce, which is the hottest segment of retailing today.

1. Pop-Up Shops

Small to mid-sized e-commerce retailers have discovered that pop-up shops are a way to distinguish themselves from Amazon and other industry leaders. A pop-up shop is an actual brick-and-mortar storefront that opens for only a few months, offering the advantages of in-person shopping with few of the common drawbacks.

– Customers can see and touch the products.

– Retailers can build their brands by focusing on specific items without the trouble and expense of carrying a lot of inventory.

– Orders can be placed online for quick delivery, sometimes as soon as same-day.

– Vendors aren’t locked into long-term leases so they can easily test different locations.

2. Data-Based Forecasting

Maintaining accurate inventory levels can make or break a business. Too much inventory ties up valuable capital, while too little means risking unhappy customers due to stock outs.

Savvy merchants are using modern technology to compile historical data from all aspects of their business, including orders, sales channels and customers. Once the data is integrated, it creates a clear picture that makes forecasting more precise.

3. Fast and Affordable Shipping

With so much purchasing being done online, customers are demanding timely shipping at low rates. In many cases, losses from inexpensive or free shipping are more than offset by the increase in sales.

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