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Replace Your Diesel Yard Dog with An Electric Dolly

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Yard dogs can be effective at moving trailers around your docking facility. However, battery powered tuggers from DJ products are just as effective yet more efficient and easier to maintain. Using diesel fuel has its advantages. However, going electric is a trend and rightfully so, because of the benefits of an electric power dolly, which include:

  • Eliminating the costs associated with maintaining a diesel truck
  • Battery Powered = virtually no maintenance
  • Greater efficiency in any operating environment
  • Emission free operation, permitting indoor operation
  • No licensing requirements to necessary to operate


Using a diesel semi-tractor to move trailers, you’ll always have the expenses of diesel fuel and the hassle of either keeping fuel on site, or having to leave the yard to “fill up”.  Then there are the costs of maintaining diesel equipment, ranging from blocked filters to changing oil and coolant, to servicing the radiator and hiring or finding trained service personnel to maintain the system. Diesel powered vehicles are expensive to operate and maintain.

Electric Dolly vs. Diesel

The TrailerCaddy line from DJ Products eliminates the costs and downtime associated with diesel-powered dollies. Depending on the model, standard batteries range from 36 volts to 48 volts and all you need is an electrical connection to charge up the dolly. With a battery upgrade, some of our higher end models can be updated from the standard four-battery system to a 16-battery system, yielding more hours of performance before a recharge is needed.

And all that is needed for charging is a standard 110v/220v outlet.

An Electric Trailer Handling System Is Powerful

Powered Trailer Mover

Our Motorized Trailer Puller can tug 10,000 pounds, which is suited for RV’s, utility trailers, and small boats, but it only goes up from there. We also offer the 20,000-pound TrailerCaddy 2.5k, two 50,000-pound rated models, and a few “heavy-duty” systems built to move heavy generators, equipment, and semi-trailers.

Switch to an Electric Yard Dog

The benefits of an electric dolly vs. a diesel truck extend far beyond cost, efficiency, and maintenance. As convenient as these next benefits are, they contribute to the above as well. For one, you don’t need to bring in an extra crew to operate and maintain an electric dolly. Our powered tuggers don’t require licensing to drive and are ready at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to wait for drivers to arrive at your dock or warehouse to get started unloading or moving equipment.

A TrailerCaddy is always accessible. It does not require much room to store and can be maneuvered around tight spaces. Once charged, it is ready to go at any time. View our product line on the web to see which model best suits your application, and feel free to request a free onsite demo or more information; you can also call DJ Products directly at 800-686-2651.

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