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Property Managers Embrace Waste Reduction to Lower Costs

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Property Managers Embrace Waste Reduction to Lower Costs

Property Managers Embrace Waste Reduction to Lower Costs

Are you searching for ways to lower operating costs for the commercial property you manage? A dumpster mover saves on labor, while overall waste reduction can result in significant cost savings. Use these suggestions to implement more efficient waste processing procedures.

Tips to Reduce Waste Products at Commercial Properties:

– Encourage employees to share documents electronically, rather than via hard copies.

– Replace break room and restroom disposables with reusable dishes and utensils along with washable hand towels and dish cloths.

– Avoid excess purchasing, especially with seasonal or perishable items.

– When printing documents, use both sides of the paper. Instead of throwing away draft copies or mistakes, recycle the sheets as scratch paper. Sheets printed on one side can be reversed and reused in printers and copy machines.

– Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.

– Reuse envelopes and packing materials.

– Set up recycling stations and post signs indicating what materials can and can’t be recycled. Enlist the help of the local recycling center for information and tips.

– Help employees develop the habit of looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

– Make it a priority to purchase recyclable and/or recycled goods.

Increase Workplace Safety and Productivity with a Dumpster Mover from DJ Products

Did you know that trash rooms are one of the most dangerous areas on a commercial property? A number of serious musculoskeletal injuries can result from overexertion caused by moving heavy dumpsters.

An electrically-powered dumpster mover like the WasteCaddy from DJ Products lets a single employee maneuver dumpsters weighing up to 5,000 pounds across any surface and up and down inclines. In addition, they’re designed with ergonomic features to prevent the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

Visit our website or call 800.686.2651 for more information from our sales engineers.

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