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Cut the Risk and Improve Safety When It Comes to Your Trash Room

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Cut the Risk and Improve Safety When It Comes to Your Trash Room

Save Money and Make Your Workers Happy By Making Their Job Easier on Them and Your Insurance Cheaper.

Just as you can lower your car insurance by driving a safer car and avoiding accidents, you can lower your workers comp premiums with tools and strategies to improve dumpster safety. Besides the nightmare scenario of a dumpster tipping over and injuring an employee, your team faces an ongoing risk of repetitive stress and muscle injuries related to moving dumpsters.

How a Dumpster Pusher Can Help

When your employees move a dumpster or waste container, are they using manual force to steer and push it? Even on wheels, it takes a physical exertion that exceeds what the human body can comfortably perform. Both instantaneous injuries and long-term, built-up musculoskeletal disorders can put your worker on paid leave and increase workers comp insurance costs.

An automated dumpster pusher is the best way to improve trash room safety:

• Lower your Experience Modification Rating (EMR or E-Mod)

• Reduce workers compensation insurance premiums

• Keep your employees healthy and avoid costly time off

• Avoid high employee turnover and the associated loss of productivity

• Double the efficiency of trash room duties

• Manage the trash room in less time and/or with fewer employees

• Improve cleanliness and customer satisfaction at multi-family properties, retail, hospitality, etc.

The #1 Solution for the Biggest Injury Risk

Any business with a trash room or the need to move dumpsters can benefit from using a motorized dumpster pusher. In particular, rental properties benefit from using the WasteCaddy because trash-related injuries are the #1 risk for worker injury.

Tackle the trash room, and you can tackle your workers comp premiums. Contact DJ Products for a quote or demo of our WasteCaddy dumpster pusher.

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