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Minimizing Injury and Worker’s Compensation with the Tug

By June 14, 2016 January 27th, 2020 No Comments

Some employers mistakenly fall under the assumption that just because something has wheels that is easy to move but that assumption can lead to serious accidents resulting in injury.  In order to safely and effectively move wheeled carts with exceedingly heavy loads or heavy equipment, workers will need more than just muscle power – and that’s where the DJ Products Tug comes into play.The Tug has the power to either push or pull a load of anywhere from ten thousand to fifty thousand pounds.  A fifty thousand pound load would require a number of employees to get moving, and once a load that heavy gets rolling it could be difficult or impossible to stop safely.  The Tug has the power to let a single employee move a load or piece of equipment of that monstrous weight safely, easily and effectively.The DJ Products Electric Tug packs all of that power into a small frame size that is easy to maneuver around narrow aisles and tight corners.   Where forklifts and other powered movers might not quite be able to make turns, the Electric Tug can go easily, making it a much safer and more convenient option especially in smaller buildings.Large powered movers can be expensive and require quite a bit of maintenance, but the Electric Tug from DJ Products has fewer moving parts and is less susceptible to breakdown, you’ll save money on both operational costs and maintenance/repair costs by investing in an Electric Tug.Work related injuries are common in the warehousing, manufacturing and material handling industries, but with smart investments in the right products employers could drastically cut down on the risk to their employees.  Less injuries to workers will result in less man hours lost and a higher rate of productivity, so having the best equipment on hand can not only create a happier and healthier workplace, it can create a more profitable one.

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