Meet Our Team: Mike

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At DJ Products, we have an incredible team of employees that work hard and help keep our business running strong. From Sales to Production to every role in-between, each and every team member plays an important role in the success of our company.  Meet our team!

Meet Our Team: MikeTitle:

Custom Projects Engineer

How long have you worked at DJ Products?

A year and a half.

Can you explain your role?

I head up custom projects at DJ Products. A prospective customer will reach out to request a custom project/unit from sales. I’ll review it and come up with a conceptual design along with a quote for sales to send on to the customer. Once the order is placed, I’ll complete the final design and detailing working closely with production on building the unit to the required specifications. My job entails a lot of prototype testing and thinking outside of the box.

What would you describe as your specialty/specialties and why?

My whole career has been centered around custom equipment. Taking an idea and starting from a blank sheet of paper; a lot of ground up design. I think my strongest qualities are my mechanical design abilities. To take an idea, foresee how it will work, going through the whole production process. Understanding all of the components of creating something new.

Meet Our Team: MikeWhat’s your favorite thing about your job or working at DJ Products?

Hunting, fishing, golfing, spending time with my family; my wife and two kiddos.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Spending time with my family and friends and being outdoors hiking, fishing and hunting and camping as often as I can.

Favorite T.V. shows: 

Game of Thrones, Justified, Sci-Fi shows.

How do you like your coffee?

Black. I drink it all day and all night.

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