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Material Handling Solutions of the Future Available Today

By September 14, 2015 January 27th, 2020 No Comments

Our last two posts (April 18 & 21) have talked about a vision of the future in which a smaller number of highly-trained and skilled, self-directed workers fuse automation and manual operations to accomplish material handling functions with maximum efficiency. While some aspects of this utopian vision will require years of careful planning and development, part of this dream is already within the grasp of business owners.

Smart carts are already available today that can significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a single worker.  Highly maneuverable electric, motorized and batter-powered carts allow a worker to effortlessly transport and manipulate equipment and goods, even in confined spaces.  Ergonomic design ensures the workers can accomplish tasks with an economy of motion, minimum physical force and maximum safety. “Walk-behind” construction allows maximum operator control, even in tight, difficult spaces. Electric cart movers provide operating flexibility that allows more versatile use than standard material handling equipment such as forklifts.

CartCaddy material handling carts, tugs and pushers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations geared to handle any wheeled material handling application, including:

  • Electric cart pullers are designed to pull carts with two swivel casters. The 5th-wheel style of these carts allows them to turn with the load. Loads of 3,000 up to 50,000 pounds can be handled with ease.
  • Electric tuggers that can accommodate 4-swivel casters or wagon wheel type turning enable the operator to also control the back end of the cart.
  • Specialized electric pushers can push carts in a straight line, down a rail or down an assembly line. Among the applications available are car pushers designed to push cars, buses and heavy equipment down an assembly line and paper roll pushers developed to push rolls, materials or large wheels that move in a straight line or roll on their own surface. Trailer movers can move wheeled equipment such as trailers, boats and RVs, anything with a ball coupler or pintle-hitch tongue.

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