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Material Handling Industry Trends to Watch for 2018

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Material Handling Industry Trends to Watch for 2018

Material Handling Industry Trends to Watch for 2018

As your preferred material handling equipment supplier, we stay on top of the latest supply chain news and information. Here are five trends to watch for in the upcoming year concerning forklifts and other essential warehouse equipment.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Electrically-powered material handling equipment is becoming increasingly popular in warehouses and distribution centers. Battery life under optimum conditions is approximately eight hours, which is enough to carry through a full shift. Top efficiency prevents costly downtime due to charging batteries.

Non-Marking Tires

Customer service is one of the biggest selling points for any warehouse. Black rubber dust that settles onto products is cause for dissatisfaction. Non-marking tires also help maintain clean warehouses, which in turn improves worker safety.

Compact Equipment Size

As business increases, more material moves through your warehouse. Demand is increasing for forklifts and other equipment that combine superior lifting and moving capacity with a less bulky profile.

Worker Safety

When you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, workplace injury claims rise to the top of the list. Modern material handling equipment incorporates ergonomic controls and other safety features to reduce the risk of on-site injuries.

Equipment Management

Maximizing equipment life is another way to control costs. Warehouses are using sophisticated systems to compile and analyze data in order to determine maintenance schedules that get the most out of equipment.

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