The dictionary definition of the verb “tug” includes phrases like “to pull hard, to struggle, to exert oneself laboriously, to pull or strain hard at, to carry with difficulty” but we want you to know that working with power tug from DJ Products will not require struggle. Effort is needed and it is necessary to be alert when operating a DJ Products material handling solution (as it is necessary for using any other kind of machine), but it should not be a struggle.

In fact, DJ Products specializes in offering small, maneuverable tug that still have plenty of power to handle most push or pull applications. We know that space is precious in a warehouse environment so we design our tuggers so they can be used effectively in small spaces. These carts can carry a variety of items and help employees push or pull almost any heavy cart, be it a flat bed of steel or a cart full of cookie dough.

We call them power tugs because they are empowering. Rather than straining and struggling with loads that can cause injury to the human musculoskeletal system, your employees can be more productive and have few concerns that they will be prone to injury. In addition to minimizing the risk of injury, a tugger like the CartCaddy5WP can reduce the drudgery of physical labor. And while we cannot promise that all of your employees will be happy, we can say that having the right equipment to get the job done can be a factor in improving workplace morale, boosting overall job performance and decreasing employee turnover.