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Shopping Cart Caddy

The Shopping Cart Caddy

With their tendency to drift off in unpredictable directions, gathering shopping carts can be like herding cats. Make this difficult task easier and more efficient with a battery-powered shopping cart pusher from DJ Products.

Who Wants to Chase Shopping Carts?

Right now, gathering shopping carts at your business is a completely manual operation. Hourly employees take time out from other duties to chase carts around the parking lot and maneuver an increasingly awkward chain.

Pushing and pulling are frequent causes of workplace injuries, making this a particularly risky job. Add the inconvenience of bad weather and retrieving shopping carts becomes a thankless job for any employee.

A Simple Solution to a Tough Problem

Our shopping cart pusher lets a single employee of any age, size and gender move up to 50 shopping carts at one time. Once the pusher is attached to the back of the line of carts, the employee stands in front to guide the line and uses a remote control to activate the pusher.

In addition to making your employees’ job easier and safer, our shopping cart pusher has other money-saving benefits.

  • Car dings from loose carts are a huge pet peeve for shoppers, so a lot full of stray carts can be a deterrent to business.
  • Carts left out in the parking lot can often tempt people to take them for their own use.

Money- and Labor-Saving Solutions from DJ Products

Our shopping cart pusher is the perfect solution to a long-standing problem. Visit our website and use our handy chat feature to learn more about our full line of electric pushers, pullers and tugs.