It seems as if the holiday shopping season begins earlier each year so it is never too soon to make sure that you and your employees are ready to accommodate your eager but possibly stressed out customers. One thing to have at the ready is a DJ Products Shopping Cart Retriever, a labor-saving device for gathering and recycling carts from your parking lot.

Locating carts: On especially busy days, people become frustrated if they cannot find a shopping cart because all are taken. It is likely that there is one available but if it hasn’t been rounded up and returned to the store yet, you could potentially lose out on valuable sales.

Loss Prevention: Shopping carts cost money and anything that disappears from your property—be it merchandise or a shopping cart— affects your bottom line. Some people will take carts on purpose, while others may just forget to return a cart (like a Pennsylvania man who intended to steal a computer but ended up being arrested for stealing a shopping cart instead.) Bringing carts back into the store quickly minimize theft.

Safety: Whether the ground is bare or covered in snow and ice, stray carts can make a parking lot less safe: the wind can blow a cart into a person or into a car; someone who isn’t paying attention may back into a cart; an abandoned cart can block a parking spot and cause confusion. Plus, the faster an employee can gather the carts, the better. Instead of having employees outside in all kinds of weather dodging cars to retrieve and corral carts, they can use a cart retriever to steer a line of up to fifty shopping carts back into your store.