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Manufacturing Industry Shifting Gears Amid Supply Chain Disruptions

By September 21, 2021No Comments

, Manufacturing Industry Shifting Gears Amid Supply Chain DisruptionsOne memorable example of a widespread product shortage began in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Toilet paper was out of stock everywhere – from local grocery stores to online retailer giants like Amazon. While supply chain has always been an integral aspect of businesses, the pandemic-fueled toilet paper shortage and resulting hysteria it caused, sparked a magnified focus on product inventory for companies worldwide.

Supply chain breakdown has impacted nearly every industry; especially manufacturing. Companies have been forced adapt to these shifts and look at changing production process to ensure they’re able to deliver their product in a timely manner.

According to Industry Today, here are three principles that supply chain-focused employees can implement to adapt to supply-related woes:

Examine Your Process and Deliver

Taking a step back, many leaders in manufacturing have begun to pinpoint weak areas in their own supply chain (including distance and inventory waste) and implement new solutions. Recent research has found that 91% of Chief Supply Chain Officers agree that fixing supply chain issues is important to their business’s success.

Stay Prepared

Change is the only constant. Planning for the future by monitoring data, shipping analytics and economic trends is key to staying ahead of the game and continuing to deliver according to customer expectations.

Customers Dictate Agenda

Meeting customer needs is more than simply delivering a good or service on time. Finding ways to ensure customers’ many needs are met is paramount. Setting expectations on expected delivery timeframe ensures the customer is in the know. Customer expectations ultimately shape the supply chain agenda.

We are happy to report that DJ Products has continued to operate with no disruption to service amid the global pandemic.

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