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Maintaining Nursing Homes with a Powered Dirty Linen Cart

By September 14, 2015 January 27th, 2020 No Comments

Keeping a nursing home clean and orderly can be a challenge for the staff.  The physical demand of the job begs the aid of powered equipment, but narrow halls and small crowded rooms limit the type of equipment that can be used.  Some residents of nursing home may be easily disturbed or agitated so management and staff also need to be conscious of noise levels while performing regular duties.

The powered dirty linen cart from DJ Products provides the perfect solution for a nursing home environment.  A powered dirty linen cart is easily capable of hauling loads of up to seven hundred pounds, drastically reducing the stress and strain on staff and helping to minimize the possibility of injury.

The powered dirty linen cart is easily maneuverable, even in constrained paces and can travel at speeds of up to 3 miles per hour over a variety of surfaces.  In many nursing home environments, employees are required to push heavy carts over thick carpeting which can pose an additional challenge even for some motorized carts.  The powered dirty linen cart travels just as effortlessly across carpeted surfaces as it does across smooth surfaces making it an ideal piece of equipment for environments with a variety of flooring.

In addition to taking the stress and strain off of the hardworking nursing home staff, the powered dirty linen cart also has advantages for the residents.  The powered dirty linen cart is fast and virtually silent during operations so staff members can quickly and quietly complete their required duties with any disruption to resident activities.

Keeping nursing home employees healthy and residents happy is difficult if the right type of equipment isn’t available to help with specific job duties.  Adding a powered dirty linen cart is a great way to increase staff efficiency while minimizing the chance for injury at the same time as eliminating many of the noise related disturbances to residents.

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