Devices while Driving can be Distracting.

Devices while Driving can be Distracting.

In a climate where truck drivers often feel over-regulated and under-appreciated, it’s not surprising that plenty of tempers have flared over the Indiana State Police cracking down with more tickets. At issue: where GPS and other devices can and can’t be mounted on a windshield.

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Laws for Windshield-Mount Devices in Trucks

Indiana restricts the use of any object mounted to the windshield of a vehicle. The device must be mounted outside of the area covered by the windshield wipers, and within six inches of the top of the windshield. In any event, the device cannot block the driver’s view.

The state police’s commercial vehicle division issues tickets with fines up to $200 for an offense.

While many truck drivers have supported the safety-first initiative, others feel that GPS devices should be mounted wherever the driver wants. Having to look high up or down low could be as dangerous as a slightly blocked view of the road.

Safety Around Shipping Docks

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