2018 Is the Year of the Capacity Crunch

2018 Is the Year of the Capacity Crunch

Is your staff geared-up with semi-trailer movers for this year’s “capacity crunch?” Low truck supply and heightening freight demands are continuing to tighten access to shipping services in the ongoing driver shortage. Don’t let a staff loss due to injury add to the capacity crunch climate…

Disappearing Drivers, Declining Services
As older drivers retire, fewer younger drivers are stepping up and into the cab. With fewer trucks available, rates are rising, and the competition to secure shipping services is fierce. Long work hours, lengthy driving distances, and extended periods of time away from home, friends and family make for a hard position to fill.

Climate Complications
The political and literal global climates have also complicated matters, diverting what resources remain given the rising freight volume of the burgeoning U.S. economy. Combined with the needs of servicing hurricane-ravaged regions, these issues have further added to the difficulty of securing trucks for shipment.

Big Brother
Another mitigating factor: Government mandates requiring electronic logging devices be installed on haulers, for the tracking of drivers’ hours of service. Drivers may now remain on the road for only 11-hours by law, with a continuous rest period of 10-hours mandated, daily.

Aimed at creating safer roads, though most carriers are compliant, many drivers have been turned-off, taking issue with the perceived privacy infringement on their personal space. Trucks are not only their workspace, but also their literal home away from home. It goes without mentioning that carrier concerns over the cost of installing such devices are quite the step-up from the manual logbooks of yesteryear.

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