vertivemersonnetworkpowerentrance.originalJack Somerville of Vertiv Corp. says his role for the past 10 years in advanced manufacturing engineering has been “To bring my company new technology to solve problems in manufacturing. During that time, we bought 5 CartCaddies to help us move larger, heavier items in our manufacturing facility.”

Jack knew from the beginning that specs and drawings of the attachment connection from CartCaddy to his carts were crucial–without them, moving components weighing 40,000 lbs. down the assembly line simply wasn’t going to work.

Moving components of this magnitude also required a different speed setting on the CartCaddies. Jack’s sales engineer, Jerry Ries, had a solution right away. “DJ Products quickly sent out a pendant that we could use to adjust the speed,” he said. “That helped us get it dialed into exactly what we needed to move our units safely and at the proper speed.”

Satisfied with DJ Products response and flexibility, Vertiv Corp. has ordered heavy cart movers for loads weighing in excess of 150,000 lbs.

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