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How The DJ Products Trailer Dolly Improved Efficiency

trailer dolly, How The DJ Products Trailer Dolly Improved Efficiency

Trailer Yard in Need of an Electric Trailer Dolly.

Being able to move vehicles, large loads, or other objects around outdoor lots or indoor facilities comes with numerous challenges. Traditional methods, such as using a forklift, tend to be time-consuming and raise the risk of accidents. Find out how the motorized trailer dolly from DJ Products has helped boost efficiency for businesses, including an RV dealership.

Efficient Outdoor Use

Explore RV has relied on the battery-powered TrailerCaddy 6K 36V unit to move RVs around dealership lots. Using a forklift or truck to move these around requires special training, while also increasing the chance of damage or accidents. With a trailer dolly, dealerships and other businesses have a much more efficient way to push or pull vehicles and trailers weighing thousands of pounds in outdoor areas. In fact, the TrailerCaddy 6K can move trailers and vehicles that weigh up to 50k pounds. It also comes with a 6k-pound hydraulic lift kit for ball, king pin, and pintle hitch trailer connections.

Improved Indoor Efficiency

Trailer dollies can help companies become more efficient in indoor settings. Explore RV now has an easier and less time-consuming way to move RVs and trailers around inside convention centers and other indoor areas. The company depends on these trailer dollies for moving vehicles over short distances rather than having to maneuver a forklift around in tight spots. Switching to a motorized trailer dolly can help warehouses, distribution centers, dealerships, and many other businesses with indoor facilities improve efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Efficiency and Safety Overall

Using the TrailerCaddy has allowed Explore RV to help keep staff safe when moving RVs around. Forklifts and similar machinery require careful operation and training. Otherwise, businesses face higher risks of having workplace injuries or accidents occur. This can result in increased expenses for companies, decreased productivity, lower employee morale, and higher turnover. Using a trailer dolly instead provides a great way to improve safety and employee satisfaction.

If you’re looking for ways to improve efficiency in your facility or outdoor lot, contact DJ Products to learn more about our solutions. We can help you select the ideal motorized trailer dolly for your business to help boost safety, productivity, and efficiency.