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How Can You Use an Aircraft Caddy?

By May 10, 2022No Comments
The Aircraft Caddy from DJ Products lets a single person move aircraft., How Can You Use an Aircraft Caddy?

Aircraft Caddy at Work

Moving aircraft in and out of hangar spaces presents a two-fold challenge. In addition to their large size, these vehicles are moved outdoors, where surfaces may be uneven or slippery from rain, snow and ice.

The Aircraft Caddy from DJ Products lets a single person move aircraft weighing up to 15,000 pounds. Find out how this battery-powered aircraft tug made a difference for one of our satisfied customers.

The Aircraft Caddy: One Customer’s Story

Our customer predominantly flies a Tradewinds Turbine A36, but also operates a Cessna Conquest 425. Originally, he was using a gas-powered tug, golf cart and four-wheeler to move his planes.

So how did that work out? As he explains, “The gas-powered tug was hard to start, slow and so heavy it was hard to move. The golf cart and four-wheeler required a higher skill level and we have had issues with hitting the hangar as the planes were put in.”

Some friends in Texas were also flying a Cessna Conquest 425, along with a Cessna Conquest 441. They tipped our customer off to the Aircraft Caddy, telling him they had been using one with great success.

Right from the start, our customer was pleased with how easy and efficient the ordering and receiving process was. “The unit was delivered right when it was promised and our Sales Engineer followed up to make sure everything was good.”

Our customer chose the same model being used by his friends in Texas, and he simply calls it “the best caddy we have ever used – simple, fast, and anyone could use it.” He makes a point of saying he has used the caddy on dry, wet and snow-packed surfaces, with excellent result at all times.

One of the benefits our customer discovered is our commitment to excellent service, as demonstrated by the numerous follow-up calls he’s received. In the biggest compliment we could receive, he has recommended our aircraft tug to other pilots at the airport, who have seen it in action.

Aircraft Mover Solutions from DJ Products

How much easier would the Aircraft Caddy make your life? Call 800.686.2651 to learn more from our friendly and helpful Sales Engineers.