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Hotels and Bed Bugs – The Problem That Won’t Go Away

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Hotels and Bed Bugs – The Problem That Won’t Go Away

Take Care When Handling Linens in Your Hotel in Case of Bed bug Infestation. Let Us Help You Minimize Contact!

If you operate a hotel, bed bugs are going to rear their ugly heads at some point. Cleanliness is your best prevention and legal protection. Since bed bugs mostly infest fabrics, hoteliers should consider powered hotel linen carts to keep up with laundry duties and give housekeeping more time to check around mattress edges to catch the problem early.

Travelers expect hotel staff to take bed bug reports seriously. Fast action goes a long way to keep people from blaming management for a problem that was probably brought in by the previous occupant of the room.

Know how to get rid of bed bugs so your staff can effectively treat infested linens, and so you can advise unhappy guests about what they can do to clean their own laundry when they get home.

– Wash linens, mattress covers, and other washable upholstery in the room on the hottest temperature for both the washer and dryer.

– Seal linens in a plastic bag and freeze them for a day to kill bed bugs and eggs.

– Hire an exterminator if you have blood spots or evidence of bed bugs nesting inside a mattress or box spring.

Stay On Top of Things with Powered Hotel Linen Carts

A little automation technology can keep your housekeeping staff full of energy and empowered to complete their duties quickly and efficiently. Our powered hotel linen carts can travel from 0–3 mph with ergonomic steering.

Bed bugs don’t have to be a devastating problem. Upgrade those heavy pushcarts with a battery-powered cart puller or a fully motorized linen cart so staff can complete daily tasks and respond to complaints quickly.

Explore the variety of hospitality carts from DJ Products and let us know if you have any questions!

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