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Helping Warehouse Workers Steer Clear of “Pinch Points”

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Helping Warehouse Workers Steer Clear of “Pinch Points”

Helping Warehouse Workers Steer Clear of “Pinch Points”

Are you aware of all possible injury risks lurking in your warehouse? You probably recognize the dangers of musculoskeletal and repetitive motion injuries, which our electric tugger carts are designed to reduce.

Pinch points are not as obvious, but they can also cause painful and costly injuries. What are pinch points, where are they found, and how do you protect workers?

Watch Out for Pinch Points

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) defines pinch points as spots where any part of a person’s body can be caught in a machine. “Pinches” can occur between moving parts of a machine, stationary and moving parts, or materials and machines.

According to MIOSHA, pinch points are “quite pervasive” in the workplace. Some of the main locations of pinch points include:

– Conveyors

– Power presses and rollers

– Molding, metal-forming and assembly machines

– Power doors

Don’t Get “Caught in a Pinch”

Pinch point prevention begins with a careful inspection of all machines and equipment to identify potential problem areas, eliminating pinch points wherever possible.

In spots where pinch points are unavoidable, install guards to prevent workers from coming into contact with them. Be sure to train employees regarding the dangers of pinch points, why guards are necessary and what they are intended to do.

Make it clear that under no circumstances are employees permitted to remove, work around or tamper with pinch point guards. Repairs should be handled by qualified technicians only. If a worker should spot a pinch point without a guard, they should promptly report it to their supervisor.

Put Safety First with Tugger Carts from DJ Products

Eco-friendly tugger carts such as our best-selling CartCaddyShorty are available with safety stop switches in case of emergency. Contact us to learn more.

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