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Got a Fleet of Vehicles? You Need a Vehicle Pusher

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If your company has a fleet of vehicles that are used on a regular basis, there is the possibility that one of them may break down. And while there may instances where an employee needs to wait on a tow truck, there are probably just as many times when you could use a vehicle pusher. A car pusher from DJ Products can help you get that car, truck or van out of the road or transport it across your property as needed.

A helpful employee’s first instinct may be to just go ahead and push the vehicle–either alone or with the help of a few co-workers. It is great when someone jumps in and takes the initiative to get the job done. What is not so great is when that person’s instinct leads to overexertion and he or she ends up sidelined later with an injury that could have been prevented.

Not only can your employees injure themselves; they may also unintentionally damage a stalled vehicle should they decide to use another vehicle to move one that is stalled. Both vehicles can be dented, scratched, or cracked when this is done.

Of course your employees would only be trying to do what needs to be done but you can prevent possible injury and property damage by providing a vehicle pusher in advance of situations like these. The CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher is a battery-powered pusher for pushing stalled vehicles that generally have pneumatic tires and don’t need to be steered by the CarCaddy itself.

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