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Safety in the Trash Room is Everyone's Job!

Safety in the Trash Room is Everyone’s Job!

Do you leave trash room and dumpster safety to your garbage removal service? It’s up to you to maintain a safe environment for everyone, whether they work for you or an outside company.

Be Proactive About Garbage and Dumpster Safety

Here are four tips to create a safe workplace that allows for efficient trash disposal.

1. Keep Dumpsters and Other Receptacles Free and Clear

If people have to run an obstacle course to get to the trash receptacles, the chances of injury are high. Make sure both indoor and outdoor containers are easily accessible.

2. Don’t Overfill Trash Receptacles

Overflowing dumpsters present an attractive home for mice, squirrels and other pests. If your trash containers fill up too quickly, consider adding more receptacles or getting larger ones.

3. Break Down Large Items

Boxes should never be tossed into a dumpster without being broken down or flattened first. Any large items such as furniture or equipment should also be broken down as much as possible or set aside for immediate pickup.

4. Maintain the Pavement

Can your garbage area support the regular stress and strain of a heavy trash removal truck? Damaged pavement can quickly become a safety risk. Make sure any cracks and holes are repaired promptly.

Maximize Safety with a Dumpster Puller from DJ Products

Many costly workplace injuries are due to overexertion as a result of pushing and pulling heavy objects such as loaded dumpsters. Visit our website to find out why clients consider a dumpster puller like our popular WasteCaddyLite to be “like having another employee on staff.”