Five Tips to Improving Your Efficiency as a Fleet Manager

Five Tips to Improving Your Efficiency as a Fleet Manager

As a fleet manager, it’s up to you to make sure that your team is working as efficiently as possible. That can sometimes be easier said than done. Sometimes adding certain pieces of equipment, such as a semi trailer mover, can make a big difference. But there’s actually a lot more that can be done as well.

Top Tips for Fleet Managers

Keeping everyone safe and keeping your operation running smoothly are your two top priorities. Here are some ways to accomplish both:

– Keep maintainence hassle-free – You expect your drivers to keep up with the maintenance of their vehicles, but it can be easy for them to put it off if you don’t have a good system in place. You may even want to consider using¬†software that gives them timely reminders.

– Create purchasing and disposal plans for vehicles – You don’t want people in other departments to purchase new vehicles on a whim, or keep old ones longer than they should. Make sure you have guidelines in place to help them with these important decisions.

– Set driver performance goals – People tend to do better at their jobs when they know they have goals to reach. Your drivers are no exception to this rule. Don’t be afraid to set standards for them and expect them to reach them. If they don’t, you can then address those areas with them personally.

Being a Proactive Fleet Manager When it Comes to Safety and Efficiency

It’s very¬†important to have the right equipment for your staff. Without it, they can’t do their jobs well. Have you considered adding a semi trailer mover? It might be one of the best decisions you ever made! Contact us at DJ Products to learn how we can help.