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Fire Your Trailer Shunting Service: Get a TrailerCaddy!

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Warehouse management and logistics require the proper equipment and organization. As a warehouse manager or logistics professional, you know there are no shortcuts. To be efficient, your warehouse requires accessibility. Enter a specialized power dolly—the TrailerCaddy from DJ Products.

What Is the TrailerCaddy?

Fire Your Trailer Shunting Service: Get a TrailerCaddy!

The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor is a motorized trailer dolly that can tow truck trailers with ease. With this power dolly, trailer movement is simplified, and your warehouse can keep up with demand. It is powered by a long-life battery and, when it needs to be recharged, just plug it into a standard 110v outlet.

Able to move semi-trailers in and around loading docks, the power dolly trailer mover will not require much training. In fact, any dock employee can use it, and a CDL is not required. The system is also available at a moment’s notice to your full workforce and can be commissioned whenever shipments come in, whether they are on time or unexpected delays change your workflow.

The TrailerCaddy Eliminates Shunting Services

Trailer shunting service providers are notorious for not being on time. If your service provider is late, all of your loading activities cease, and no goods can be loaded onto your dock. Now, you don’t have to wait for anyone to move truck trailers into position. The TrailerCaddy is highly maneuverable, so it’s suited for facilities with limited space, and it offers tight controls to help minimize accidents and damage to trailers and docks. It even has a parking brake that engages when the driver releases the throttle.

Speed is controlled by a variable speed thumb twist pad accelerator. The operator can, therefore, adjust speed using gentle motions. A Safety Stop Switch is easily accessible and acts as a kill switch should there be an obstruction or operator in the way. In addition to a hydraulic lift limit, there is a hydraulic lift manual release that kicks in if the unit loses power. The lift can be lowered manually and the unit moved by disengaging the motor brake, which allows for manual movement to a charging location.

Fire Your Trailer Shunting Service: Get a TrailerCaddy!A TrailerCaddy Saves You Money

For starters, the machine costs one-quarter the price of a traditional terminal tractor or spotter truck. It also eliminates trailer shunting service costs. That includes the lost revenue associated with delays in moving and offloading trailers, equipment breakdowns, and lost productivity.

We offer a full range of TrailerCaddy models. Product options range from a motorized trailer puller rated for 10,000 pounds able to haul small boats, RVs, and utility trailers to models that can move empty and loaded semi-trailers and ocean shipping containers. We also stock 20,000- and 50,000-pound-rated units suited to a variety of applications. To see how a TrailerCaddy power dolly mover can enhance your warehouse operation, schedule a free on-site demo, request more information online, or call us at 800-686-2651.

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