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Beyond the Distribution Center: Tips for Going Green

By January 28, 2019March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Beyond the Distribution Center: Tips for Going Green

In All We Do on This Planet, Thinking Green Can Only Help.

As a key cog in the machine for retail and industry, distribution centers can make an enormous impact by going green. Yet it’s hard to justify investing in something for the environment if it doesn’t improve your own bottom line. So let’s talk about how going green with smart warehouse equipment and energy-saving choices can help the planet, your employees, and your business.

The Basics: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Businesses can reduce their footprint by going digital to use less paper and implementing recycling bins for bottles and glass. Warehouses can go green even more by reusing and recycling pallets, cardboard boxes, packing materials, and more.

Try charting your progress to boost employee morale, and make it known to customers that you’ve gone green so they can feel good about doing business with you.

Less Carbon, More Comfort

Any steps to improve heating and cooling efficiency can also make the warehouse more comfortable for hardworking staff. Try these:

– Add insulation

– Install industrial fans

– Insulate ductwork

– Paint the roof white

– Switch to cooler LED lighting

Better ventilation, cleaner air, and a healthier work environment make your employees more productive. That’s good for retention, reducing sick days, and thus being more profitable. Lower utility bills help, too!

Electric Warehouse Equipment

Smart warehouses use less energy because they’re more efficient. If you’re using a diesel forklift, an industrial cart mover can potentially replace it. If you send out less-than-full truckloads, smarter logistics can fill the truck and get more out of every gallon of fuel.

DJ Products makes ergonomic, battery-powered warehouse equipment for today’s needs. While helping you go green, our CartCaddy and other material handling equipment will also help make your warehouse a healthier, more injury-free zone. Contact us for more info.

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