Share Our Snow Driving Tips with Your Fleet

Share Our Snow Driving Tips with Your Fleet

When your fleet is on the road, they don’t have the advantage of yard trucks to help maneuver through winter driving conditions. Snow, sleet, wind and hail create treacherous roads resulting in costly and time-consuming delays, accidents and injuries.

Make bad weather awareness a regular focus of communication with your drivers during winter months. Professional truckers offer helpful tips for dealing with major hazards of winter driving.

Freezing Rain

Freezing rain, also known as sleet, is one of the more challenging winter conditions as it often produces black ice and low visibility. Once ice begins forming on mirrors and windshields, the best course of action is simply to pull off the road until the freezing rain stops.

Heavy Snow

Snow can be unpredictable, especially when traveling through high altitude areas, and it can take a while before roads are clear enough to travel. Fuel up before beginning a trip and keep tire chains, food and extra clothing on hand.

Strong Winds

When crossing wide open spaces on the highway, even heavy trucks have little protection against strong winds. If winds are making the truck difficult to control, find a truck or rest stop and park between two van trailers.

Intense Cold

When temperatures drop low enough, it can interfere with the truck’s engine running properly. If you’ll be stopped for a while, it might be a good idea to leave the truck on high idle to keep the engine warm.

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