Dumpsters Weigh Tons and Can Cause Terrible Accidents if Not Handled Correctly.

Dumpsters Weigh Tons and Can Cause Terrible Accidents if Not Handled Correctly.

Inventions like the dumpster are ideal for safely disposing of a surplus of potential safety hazards. Well-organized work environments are important for employees and businesses as a whole. Knowing what you can put in a dumpster is important to those running a business and those in the garbage disposal sector.

A dumpster mover makes dumpster transport and positioning a simple task. Our dumpster movers are problem solvers that facilitate safe environments.

Trash or Stash?

Dumpsters help in many ways but need guidelines to use. Specifically, there are 10 materials that don’t belong in a dumpster. To ensure safe and thorough disposal avoid putting these materials in the dumpster container:

– Appliances

– Batteries

– Electronics

– Gas and oil

– Light bulbs

– Paint/Flammable Solvents

– Pesticides

– Recyclable material

– Tires

– Yard waste (twigs, grass clippings, leaves)

The less contact your workers have with handling trash or potential hazards the better. It can be exhausting to repetitively go over all the precautions that are required when dealing with dumpsters or moving heavy loads.

Dedicated employees shouldn’t have to worry about their own safety when handling dumpsters. Solutions like the dumpster mover cater to their needs and yours. Injuries on the job can become a hindrance to your business and your employees’ livelihood. You can stop hazardous practices on site by using precision machinery.

DJ Products Dump the Danger

A battery-powered dumpster mover takes the human error factor out of the equation. It acts as a profit protector and automated extra pair of hands. Save your employees for the tasks they should be focusing on and you’ll save on long-term costs in the future. Back strain, muscle pain and other symptoms of handling heavy objects should be a thing of the past. DJ Products protects your interests and employees!