Buy a Waste Caddy to Lower Injuries Today!

Buy a Waste Caddy to Lower Injuries Today!

What’s the price of workplace safety? According to the Economic Policy Institute, 8.5 million work-related injuries occur annually for a total cost of $192 billion.

The National Safety Council names overexertion as the #1 cause of workplace injuries. Many of these incidents occur in the trash room, where employees are frequently moving heavy, bulky dumpsters. Is there a way to reduce this common risk?

Cut Down on Workplace Injuries with a Dumpster Pusher from DJ Products

Workers comp reports list a wide range of injuries, from basic back strains to serious lacerations and broken bones, that are related to trash room operations. Our battery-powered WasteCaddy dumpster pusher takes over the bulk of the task, minimizing the physical strain on your employees.

The WasteCaddy allows a single employee to maneuver bulky dumpsters weighing up to 5,000 pounds, immediately improving productivity by 50 percent. Instead of allocating two employees to the task, you are free to assign the second person to other duties.

The WasteCaddy can be used by employees of any height, age or gender. Still skeptical? Listen to one of our satisfied clients, who says: “It’s like having another employee on staff … The other guy is now available to do more important things, like respond to resident requests. That’s a big deal!”

Can You Afford to Be Without a WasteCaddy?

You’ll be amazed at the difference our WasteCaddy dumpster pusher will make in workplace injuries and workers comp claims. Visit our website today and use the convenient online chat feature to learn more from our friendly and knowledgeable sales engineers.