Highlighting the Dialysis Cart Mover for Hospitals and Clinics

Highlighting the Dialysis Cart Mover for Hospitals and Clinics

At hospitals and other health facilities, a better environment leads to better care and working conditions. When health workers are empowered with tools to accomplish their tasks more efficiently, everyone benefits.

For administrators, improved conditions can also contribute to reduced operating expenses and better profitability. Injuries due to physical tasks are a major source of increased costs and absences.

Worker injuries can happen even with smaller, lighter equipment such as dialysis carts. That’s because repetitive motions can build up stress and lead to severe musculoskeletal injuries. For nurses and other health care workers who frequently maneuver and move dialysis carts, the risk of wrist, shoulder, and back injuries is significant.

Our Dialysis Cart Mover addresses the most pressing needs of health workers in terms of reducing the weight, difficulty, and repetitive stress related to moving swiveled carts:

• Turn and maneuver dialysis carts in tight spaces

• Reduce stress on arms and back when pushing carts down hallways

• Variable speed for safety and comfort

• Emergency braking switch

With a battery life of 16 hours, the Dialysis Cart Mover can last well beyond a standard work shift. The machine is ready to go when needed, operates quietly, and can be used by virtually any employee because it requires minimal physical strength.

We designed the Dialysis Cart Mover with a white body and sleek design so it blends in neatly with the hospital environment. It has the power of motorized industrialized equipment, and is right-sized for the needs of hospitals and clinics.

Protect your health workers and lower injury risks by requesting a demo or brochure for DJ Products’ Dialysis Cart Mover today.