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Customizing your Electric Equipment-Moving Unit for your Application

By May 3, 2021No Comments

custom equipment-moving solution, Customizing your Electric Equipment-Moving Unit for your ApplicationYou have determined that your business needs a solution to move heavy equipment (trailers, materials, vehicles, etc.) The next step is identifying and considering your application details. These factors help paint a picture of your unique scenario so our sales engineers can find the perfect solution for you.

Application specifics include:

  • The average weight of the item/materials you need to transport
  • How often you need to move your item/materials
  • How are you moving your item/materials now and what don’t you like about it?
  • Whether there is a grade or slope that you need to traverse
  • The conditions you will be moving your equipment in (indoor, outdoor, cold temperatures, etc.)

In addition to pinpointing the best unit for your application, our list of optional add-on customizations may further optimize your solution.  Here are some optional customizations we offer:

  • Safety Flashing Light & Pole
  • Battery Upgrades
  • Heavy Duty Tire Upgrades
  • Custom Built Brackets or Attachments

Our solutions are not one size fits all. DJ Products sales engineers are masters at their craft – considering all application factors to hand-tailor you the perfect equipment-moving solution. Work with your designated sales engineer to ensure your solution will fit your needs.

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