Dashboards as we know today could be a thing of the past.

Dashboards as we know today could be a thing of the past.

The automotive industry has long embraced analog dashboards as being simple to manufacture and easy to use. Familiarity is a major factor in their continued use, but a company in Finland is looking to change the way we see our dashboard instrumentation in the not too distant future.

Totally Digital

Granted, on car dashboards today, there are some electronic and digital guages, but a company called Rightware wants to change all that. They have pioneered the “virtual dashboard” with an LCD screen as your dash, with superimposed digital gauges that tell you what your vehicle is doing. It’s positioned on a backdrop video monitor showing you the road ahead. In essence, even when you’re looking at the dash, you’ll still be keeping your eyes on the road.

Not Science Fiction

This virtual dashboard is already being installed on the Audi V-8 supercar, and even though it’s a high-end model, this is a practical application of things to come. Rightware hopes that in the near future their new technology will bring the entire automotive industry into the digital age, and they want to be on the forefront of this unique product line.

Massive Sales

When the automotive industry begins to convert over to the virtual dashboard, the companies that produce them are going to be flooded with massive sales to supply the automotive sector. Such helpful and effective machines, like DJ Products Car Caddy, will be incredibly useful for maneuvering vehicles in and around work stations at all levels of assembly.

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