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Auto Dealers Need the Car Pusher for Fast Service.

Eco-friendly electric cars may seem like an easy sell, but it’s not turning out that way. “Green” cars require a significant education process for both sellers and consumers, but some enthusiastic dealers are taking the lead.

Dealer Is “Bullish” on the Future of Electric Cars

Herb Chambers owns a 57-dealer network in the Boston area that sells most of the major auto brands currently available in the United States. After attending meetings in Germany and Japan, Chambers believes that electric cars have a strong future in this country.

Many of Chambers’ dealerships are selling electric cars, and he feels their popularity will grow in relation to decreasing prices and increasing range. The latter feature is particularly relevant in the Northeast, where cold weather can cut the range of electric batteries.

Showdown vs. Tesla Motors

Complicating the electric car situation in the United States is the battle between licensed dealers and Tesla Motors, whose luxury models are shown at company-owned retail stores and sold online. Chambers doesn’t consider Tesla’s five retail outlets in Massachusetts to be much competition.

According to Chambers, he wasn’t impressed after test-driving a Tesla model, and he feels the brand is overpriced compared to BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. So far Chambers is one of few dealers willing to compete head-to-head against Tesla.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Injuries with a Battery-powered Car Pusher

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