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Are Your Hiring Practices Ready for 2018 Trends?

By March 28, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Are Your Hiring Practices Ready for 2018 Trends?

Are Your Hiring Practices Ready for 2018 Trends?

Finding qualified help to handle warehouse equipment and perform other vital jobs is one of the biggest challenges in the material handling and logistics industry. Experts weigh in on this year’s talent trends you should be watching.

People Analytics

Today’s incoming workforce has grown up with technology. People analytics provides specific and objective information for creating goals, making decisions and measuring progress.

Growth-Created Jobs

The rise of e-commerce has triggered greater expectations for efficient shipping and shorter turnaround times. Companies are seeking knowledgeable people in the areas of research and development, engineering, hardware and software.

Candidate-Driven Job Market

While job openings are increasing, the shortage of qualified labor continues. Companies are adapting their hiring strategies to become more attractive to potential candidates.

Explosion of Telecommuting

Working remotely is no longer an exception. By 2020, an estimated 40 percent of the workforce will be working remotely, whether from home or a third location.

Women Making Strides

Many companies are beginning to employ women in all levels of business. It’s a double-pronged solution to beating the talent shortage and bringing fresh perspectives to a mature but changing industry.

Social Media Is Here to Stay

Surveys show that 84 percent of organizations currently use social media in talent acquisition, with another nine percent planning on joining the pack.

Robots: Good News and Bad News

A recent report predicts that nearly 40 percent of today’s jobs will be filled by robots by the 2030s. On the plus side, this will create jobs for skilled workers areas such as engineering and software development.

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