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Amazon Warehouse Workers Complain of Constant Stress

By March 28, 2018 March 10th, 2020 No Comments
Amazon Warehouse Workers Complain of Constant Stress

Amazon Warehouse Workers Complain of Constant Stress

Amazon’s dominance of the digital marketplace has created an unprecedented demand for warehouse equipment and workers. As competition to host the company’s second headquarters continues, other communities are re-evaluating how much of a windfall an Amazon facility has been to their residents.

Working at Amazon: Blessing, Curse or Both?

In 2012 the city of San Bernardino, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, welcomed the development of a new Amazon distribution center. The facility was hailed as a lifeline to a community struggling with double-digit unemployment rates.

Six years later, the reality has not lived up to the dream. While unemployment has dropped to five percent, the demanding and high-stress warehouse jobs are taking a toll on workers. Employees are required to spend most of the day on their feet, with minimal time breaks and little opportunity for days off.

Trade-Off Between Job Stress and Benefits

By their nature, warehouse jobs can be physically trying. According to Amazon workers, it’s the mental stress that proves debilitating. Employees are under constant pressure to not only meet, but exceed job times, including messages to work faster that are sent via scanners.

With few people able to withstand the pressure, turnover is high. In addition, a number of Amazon jobs are seasonal or temporary, so as a result not many employees get the advantage of the company’s vaunted benefits, many of which require a minimum one year of employment.

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