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Could Load-Boards Work for Your Fleet?

In the trucking industry, the process of semi trailer moving is often filled with unknown variables. Reliable machinery, logistics and increased efficiency will improve the working relationships between owners, brokers, and shippers.

The utilization of Load Boards can be a positive tool when used to benefit warehouses, product acquisition, and transactions, but it can also bring added challenges. One quality machine can help bring assurance to all the moving parts involved. The addition of a premium terminal tractor will provide a reliable constant to unpredictable operational hazards.

Who Needs Load Boards?

For start-up companies, new or small business owners, using a Load Board is a simple way to accrue the resources needed to ensure product delivery and acquisition. Deadlines are important for increasing profit margins. A Load Board is utilized to post loads, available transportation for delivery and acts as an extra line of communication between owners, shippers, and brokers.

If you’re a broker and need a load to be delivered ASAP and can’t find a truck, a Load Board can help. But trusting an unknown shipper/truck driver or broker to handle a transaction appropriately can be an experience in uncertainty.

How They Handle Loads

If you’re working with an inexperienced driver, new warehouse workers, or a large load, our TrailerCaddy can benefit your bottom line. Late drivers and warehouse workers (that need a little help negotiating through unloading/loading) can inadvertently freeze product delivery and thus lower profit.

Efficient use of time in the industry benefits everyone. A TrailerCaddy makes semi trailer moving simple, allowing warehouse workers to move loads where needed and inexperienced drivers more efficient at unloading and loading so they can move on to the next job. Visit DJ Products to discover simple answers to complicated tasks!