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Winter Trucking Tips to Revisit with Your Drivers

By December 24, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Winter Trucking Tips to Revisit with Your Drivers

Keep Your Fleet Safe in Winter with These Tips

Winter driving conditions require a specific skillset. Big rig operators must not disregard the need to alter driving habits in such dangerous conditions. Before your terminal tractors deliver another trailer for haul, ensure drivers make smart decisions by revisiting these essential winter driving safety skills.

Slow Down

Driving in snow and ice is riskier due to poor traction, increased stopping time/distances, reduced visibility, and the unpredictable nature of other drivers. Slowing down should be a top priority for every driver. Speed is the top cause for at-fault accidents. Speed kills!

Personal Space

Drivers should leave plenty of room between the vehicle in front of the truck (and those beside, when possible). Likewise, avoid moving ‘in packs,’ traveling alone to maximize the distance around your vehicle.

Don’t ‘Follow the Leader’

Remember Lemmings? If the vehicle ahead makes an error, so will you. Besides, when visibility is low, seeing the taillights of the vehicle ahead means you’re too close.

Know When to Get Off the Road

If the weather is so severe you wonder if you should get off the road – just do it. Delivery pressures may be high, but safety and lives are paramount. Don’t feel like you’re letting anyone down by playing it safe.

No Hovering

In low visibility situations, don’t stop on the shoulder. Drivers could mistake your vehicle as in-motion and slam into the back of your rig.

Don’t Wing It

Perform ALL necessary safety/equipment/fluid checks before heading off to prevent becoming stranded in winter storms. (And pack an emergency kit just in case. A smart trucker is always prepared.)

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