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Will Your Drivers be Sleeping While Their Self-Driving Trucks Take the Wheel?

By July 24, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, Will Your Drivers be Sleeping While Their Self-Driving Trucks Take the Wheel?

Questions on Self Driving Trucks

The newest technology advancements in the transportation sector have all the hallmarks of either creating revolutionary solutions or causing a plethora of troubling problems. Should the trucking industry get on board?

Semi trailer moving has already been made simple with products like terminal tractors and other battery operated machinery. Are drivers or the world ready to trust their livelihoods to autonomous vehicles?

Analyzing the Angles

Safety on the job is imperative to protect vulnerable drivers from injury. Terminal tractors are complicit with the higher standards set by quality craftsmanship and quality assurance. Both self-driving semis and semi trailer moving machinery seek to ensure exhausted workers get much-needed rest to avoid accidents.

Sadly, the highways and other types of roadways throw an unpredictable cog in the proverbial wheel. It’s called human error. Without safeguard controls put in place, tragedy can occur. Already, DJ products have a proven track record to enable drivers to be diligent without safety hazards. Self-driving semis do not.

Making the Right Decision

Would you be able to sleep if your job, your pay, and your life depended on implicit trust in autonomous vehicles? One article fears that drivers wouldn’t have the assurance they needed to allow self-driving vehicles to deliver them and their cargo to crucial checkpoints without allowing for more human control. So many variables need to be overcome before those in the industry will utilize a computerized system.

One thing drivers don’t fear is what they can see, maintain and maneuver for themselves. At DJ products, we understand that man and machine can work together to create simple solutions to real problems. Unlike self-driving semis, our semi trailer moving premium machinery keeps drivers abreast of the situation and aware while we ease their labor burden!

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