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What Is Changing the Face of Logistics in 2018?

By June 26, 2018March 10th, 2020No Comments
, What Is Changing the Face of Logistics in 2018?

What is Changing the Face of Logistics?

Thanks to improved efficiency and safety, battery-powered semi trailer movers from DJ Products are raising the bar on logistics productivity. What are some other major innovations and trends that have been changing the face of the logistics industry in 2018?

Blockchain Technology

Originally developed for use with digital currency Bitcoin, blockchain technology allows for open distribution of digital data without alteration or copying. Experts predict that by 2021, approximately one-quarter of major global companies will incorporate blockchain for transactional data.

Choice of Logistics Providers

In the continuing competition to offer a superior customer experience, the latest element gives buyers a choice of logistics providers to handle their shipments. While the option began last year with only a few e-commerce companies, the trend has picked up steam in 2018.

Elastic Logistics

As the term implies, elastic logistics is a means of expanding and contracting services to align more precisely with supply chain requirements at any given time. Many companies are outsourcing fleets through third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to take advantage of increased flexibility without increased costs.

Perfect Order Deliveries

Can it get any better than perfection? The numerous challenges involved in the delivery process create a daunting barrier to perfect orders, but when the goal is attained, it provides the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Integration of Sustainability and Profitability

Carbon footprint reduction has become an essential part of operations for all businesses. Logistics companies that offer green features such as intelligent auto-routing are attractive partners for shippers looking to reduce both carbon emissions and costs.

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