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Video: AircraftCaddy Maneuvers Seamlessly on Snow & Ice

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For aircraft owners, it’s a challenge to find a solution to effectively tow aircraft in, out or around the hangar – even more so for those who reside in areas in which snow and ice is prevalent in the winter months. The AircraftCaddy is the perfect solution for members of Prescott Flying Club in Minnesota. Watch the video below to see the battery-powered AircraftCaddy move this airplane easily over compacted snow and ice.

“Yesterday, myself and a few of the PFC members were doing some maintenance tasks, and we ended up moving three different planes, no less than twice each (I think one plane was moved 4 times) and it was a life saver. The conditions at the airport were about as slippery as I can ever remember, conditions that are generally quite challenging for moving aircraft around by hand and the AircraftCaddy worked fantastic.” – Tim, Prescott Flying Club

If you’re interested or would like more information, contact a sales engineer: 800-686-2651.


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