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Why Use the WasteCaddy 4SC Waste Bin Mover?

By August 25, 2017March 20th, 2020No Comments
, Why Use the WasteCaddy 4SC Waste Bin Mover?

Questions as to Why Use the WasteCaddy 4SC?

Automated equipment that helps move dumpsters serves two equally important purposes: to prevent worker injuries and to increase productivity. Here’s why your business should be using a waste bin mover to assist with moving dumpsters from the trash room to pickup areas:

  • Trash-related injuries are the #1 risk at multifamily properties
  • Injuries vary from pinched fingers, crushed toes, to spinal injuries and more
  • Use 1 employee instead of 2 to handle trash duties
  • Safely haul trash in wet, snowy, or icy conditions
  • Maneuver waste bins around tight corners and through congested areas like parking lots

Get More Done with Less Labor Required

Do you wish labor costs ate up a smaller percentage of revenue? Many of our clients make significant improvements to their profitability by adding a waste bin mover.

Better workplace comfort can reduce turnover, too. In rental properties, your tenants feel the brunt of it when quality service staff are constantly disappearing.

Key Features of the User-Friendly WasteCaddy4SC

We have solutions for all sizes and weights of dumpsters. The WasteCaddy4SC is the waste bin mover of choice for many condominium and apartment management firms. It attaches easily to the wheeled side of a standard dumpster. DJ Products can provide a bracket if needed.

Then, it’s a simple matter of pushing a button and steering with an ergonomic handlebar grip. Move and maneuver the dumpster at up to 3 mph on any terrain, with an automatic brake for inclines.

Find out why the WasteCaddy4SC waste bin mover may save your company tens of thousands of dollars in injury claims and lost time. Ask us for a free demo today.

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