Trucking Firm with the Big Heart Strives to Feed Hungry Children

Trucking Firm with the Big Heart Strives to Feed Hungry Children

The nation’s food supply depends on truckers, so it’s fitting that C.R. England is going the extra mile with a food drive for hungry kids. Through its One Initiative, the firm aims to provide a million meals for children throughout the country facing hunger. For every load delivered by a C.R. England driver and every transaction by England Logistics, a meal will automatically be funded.

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C.R. England’s Donations for Childhood Hunger

Known on the road for its coat-of-arms logo, C.R. England started its crusade against hunger to help feed the 13 million children in the U.S. who don’t always know where their next meal will come from.

Everyone is getting involved, too. Truck drivers not only get the satisfaction of helping out, but they also get to choose where each donation will go. C.R. England partnered with 19 food banks around the country, so drivers can send a meal to a child close to home.

C.R. England has donated hundreds of thousands of meals to date, with more fundraising and community efforts planned.

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