Although tractor trailers have wheels they cannot be driven everywhere. There are times when instead of doing the hauling, a tractor trailer itself needs to be hauled.

The Trailer Caddy HD Chain Drive tractor trailer pusher is a powered pusher designed for pushing or pulling trailers that require lifting on one end before maneuvering.

Most often used with RVs, campers, equipment trailer, and boats, a Trailer Caddy can be used to transport these items across show rooms or down assembly lines, as well as in or out of storage. A Trailer Caddy can be of great use to individual owners or campers and trailers as well as to those who own and rent out this equipment.

Other equipment you may have used in the past probably allowed you to push an RV or a boat, but how did you feel afterwards? If you felt any strain or pain and it wasn’t too serious, chances are you forgot about it but you never know when this kind of strain will lead to a more challenging injury.

You really don’t want to take any chances with your health when transporting this kind or equipment. The powered Trailer Caddy HD Chain Drive tractor trailer pusher is less bulky than the traditional electric puller product, and that is useful because if you think about it, the trailer or boat itself is already bulky. The relative compactness of the Trailer Caddy HD does not mean that it is ineffective; instead it results in fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and minimal damage to surrounding parts and equipment due to the maneuverability and control the operator has using the Trailer Caddy tractor trailer pusher in tightly confined areas.