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Top Hotel Trends for 2018 – Reinvention of the Traditional Hotel

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Reinvention of the Traditional Hotel

Reinvention of the Traditional Hotel

Rapidly changing technology, new startups, and how much consumers are embracing technology in their everyday lives are all adding up to big changes in the hospitality industry. Innovative hotel and hospitality supply movement products like powered hospitality cart pullers can save money and improve hotel profits by saving time, maximizing manpower, and preventing injuries to service workers. The following are some trends that hotel industry analysts are predicting for 2018.

Independent hotels have good opportunities

An article by TravelMarketReport says independent hotels are faring well in the current economic climate and are perhaps in a better position than large hotel chains that compete with the likes of Airbnb and VRBO. The more connected hotels are to their local community, the better the guest experience they can deliver.

Hotels work closely with local arts and other institutions

TravelMarketReport states that the more successful hotels are seeking to find new guest experiences by working closely with local museums, academic institutions, and other local attractions.

Little things always matter in the hospitality industry

Marc Jongerius, managing partner of flexible accommodations company Zoku, advises hoteliers that if Airbnb is taking their business, they need to take a closer look at their business. Travel patterns change and hotels must be adaptable to remain profitable.

Take care of your staff and your guest

The hospitality industry is very much a people business. It’s important that every person from the hotel manager to the housekeeper be working together to provide every customer with an optimal guest experience. Hotel and hospitality supply movement equipment from DJ Products is designed specifically for businesses like yours.

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