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Tips to Retain Skilled Warehouse Staff and Lower Turnover

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Improve Productivity of Your Order Pickers

Skilled Workers Help Your Operation with Improved Efficiency

No matter how state-of-the-art your warehouse equipment is, your business won’t be successful without skilled workers to operate it. Growing competition for a shrinking pool of qualified labor makes today’s workforce more fluid than ever before.

High turnover has a negative impact on productivity and profitability. Here are some strategic ways to attract and retain high-quality warehouse staff members.

Offer Good Benefits and Working Conditions

Everyone works for a paycheck, but money is not the only factor candidates look for in a desirable job. Experts cite unhappiness with company culture and limited career paths as major reasons why workers change jobs.

In addition to salary, consider these benefits when creating an employment package:

– Incentives such as bonuses, paid time off and off-site team-building activities

– Healthcare insurance

– Access to training and education

– Well-defined career options

Make Jobs More Attractive to Younger Candidates

As the workforce ages, the millennial generation has been reluctant to fill in the gap. Invite schools to visit your warehouse and learn more about the advantages of a career in supply chains and logistics. You can also set up apprenticeships or internships for local students.

Be Flexible with Working Hours

Traditional shifts are difficult to manage, especially since many companies now operate around-the-clock. An annualized hours model keeps payroll consistent while staffing is flexible to accommodate fluctuations in activity.

Analyze, then Train

Training is required for new employees, new warehouse equipment and new technology. Carefully assess your needs to ensure that the right people are trained for the right jobs.

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