With Advancing Technology, Is a Completely Robotized Warehouse System in Our Future?

With Advancing Technology, Is a Completely Robotized Warehouse System in Our Future?

Robots were once a staple in science fiction films, but the fantasy has become reality. Sophisticated technology, growth in e-commerce, and increased demand for automation have made robots a hot commodity in today’s warehouse equipment.

How Robots Are Transforming Warehouse Logistics

The speed, efficiency and accuracy of robots makes them a cost-effective option for warehouse tasks such as transporting and packing items. Some robots have intelligent programming that makes them fully autonomous, while others work in conjunction with their human counterparts.

Allied Market Research projects that the warehouse robotics market will reach $5.186 billion by 2023. This figure represents a compound annual growth rate of 11.6 percent from 2017. Not surprisingly, Amazon has been in the forefront of the warehouse automation movement with its Kiva robots, which use sensors and algorithms to pick up and drop inventory at various points.

What’s New in Warehouse Automation?

Here are some other recent innovations in warehouse robotics:

– In June 2018, Mobile Industrial Robots rolled out its MiR 500 to transport pallets and other heavy loads. In addition to a lifting capacity of 1,102 pounds, the MiR 500 features laser scanning and 3D cameras to prevent collisions.

– S20 is an interweaving sorting system from Geek Plus Robotics. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology make S20 a superior method of sorting parcels.

– Much like its namesake, the Butler PickPal from GreyOrange serves as a valuable assistant to a human worker. The two work side-by-side on order picking, consolidation and fulfillment.

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