Electric Car Pusher

The Car Pusher

Designed for use with all types of vehicles, our Industrial Car Pusher makes it easy for you to move and position cars and trucks in a wide range of conditions. If you have a garage that services a company’s fleet vehicles or serves the general public, you will need to move heavy automobiles that are not in working order. With a car pusher, it can be accomplished safely and easily.

All DJ Products moving solutions are built to improve efficiency and safety in their intended industry. Our car pusher allows one person to position cars and trucks up to 20,000 pounds into tight spaces. On a 3% grade, the capacity is 10,000 pounds. The adjustable push pads work with any bumper height and prevent damage to the vehicle. It can be tilted forward and backwards to improve traction. An increased capacity motor and transaxle upgrade is available for moving vehicles up to 50,000 pounds.

A must-have for car dealers that take in all types of trade-ins, movers are powered by a 36 volt, three battery system, our Industrial Car Pusher has a top speed of 3 mph in forward or reverse. It charges quickly with 120/220 VAC Outlets. For use indoors and outside, movers can be fitted with foam filled tires or tires designed for operation on snow and ice. Due to the smooth, quiet operation of these pushers, we recommend having a horn and flashing light.

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